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ESG Initiatives


With IMMERSIV being a 100% digital product completely removes the need for printed marketing materials, scale models and traditional showrooms and display villages reducing the carbon footprint of developer marketing. There is a  growing pool of buyers willing to buy a property sight unseen.  

The capabilities of IMMERSIV limit the need for interested buyers to physically view a property which then reduces the use of fossil fuels associated with domestic and international travel.


The digital nature of the product ensures that the team at IMMERSIV can work anywhere in the world. This offers flexibility to our team as to where and how they can operate. Without a reliance on a traditional office working model, we can offer flexible working arrangements to a diverse range of talented individuals. 

Additionally, IMMERSIV embraces a proactive approach to the mental wellbeing and safety of all staff and contractors. This is achieved by prioritising work-life balance by offering flexible hours and spaces.


IMMERSIV is committed to being an “employer of choice”, not only in being able to offer flexible working arrangements and competitive remuneration, but also in having an direct line of communication with the directors of IMMERSIV. Our directors are always receptive to ideas from the team as to how we can better operate both on an operational level and in terms of employee working arrangements and conditions. Having been employees ourselves, we know the importance of acknowledging and rewarding the knowledge and expertise our team brings to the company.

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