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Real Time V Virtual Tour

IMMERSIV stands alone in the market as the premier supplier of truly immersive exterior and interior buyer experiences.


Real-time solutions allow buyers to see and interact with the space and gives buyers the power to see as much detail as possible and make crucial purchasing decisions. Canstar report real-time 3D is up to 65% more engaging for the viewer than traditional 3D virtual tours.

The standardised 3D virtual tours for unbuilt property consist of a series of 360° panorama rendered images stitched into a viewing platform allowing the buyer to hop from one render to another within a development. IMMERSIV solutions are holistic and are supplied as a real-time experience where the buyer truly feels inside the space rather than being transported through a series of images. Providing sensory experiences to evoke emotion through super realistic details and drawing realistic conclusions to appease any guesswork equations that may be limiting the buyer from making an informed decision.

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