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3D architectural digital twins for immersive real estate experiences.

A July 2022 report by McKinsey states that globally, the metaverse will be worth $5 trillion by 2030 and defines it simply as "the internet in 3D". This essentially means companies will eventually switch from using 2D imagery to more engaging 3D product activations. We already are seeing this unfold with property developers showcasing their new developments in 3D environments. Going beyond standard 3D offerings, immersive experiences are defined as being pull able to a viewer into another world, enabling them to manipulate and interact with their environment using a blend of visuals and technology.

As consumer habits and preferences keep changing in line with technology advances, it’s clear that the user experience that businesses offer is what sets them apart. Mckinsey also report that 80% of customers agreed that the user experience is just as important as the product. A large percentage of customers are switching to virtual purchases, however, this doesn’t remove the seller from the sales experience. The McKinsey report states that the seller will always be present, striving to deliver an optimised customer experience, whilst also handling negotiating factors. Leading companies are supporting their sellers with cutting-edge tech solutions, extended reality interfaces and digital twins to provide a modern personalised customer experience.

The state government of Victoria has invested in a 4 year $37M investment to create a digital twin of Victoria. The platform which launched in August 2022 will help to fast-track smarter cities and regions. Councils will be able to bring together data visualisations with 3D building models, vegetation records, population statistics and local sensor data, making it easier to plan and manage towns and cities. Digital twins enable virtual representations that serve as the real-time digital counterparts of unbuilt physical assets.

IMMERSIV - a Brisbane based company who specialise in real-time architectural 3D digital twins have grasped the opportunity to leverage the demands of buyers and create an unrivalled platform which is leading the market in regards to buyer experience. Using real-time digital twins, buyers can experience a deep dive into architectural projects and remove barriers to purchase through transparency and realistic detail. IMMERSIV has created a platform that allows sales teams to effectively communicate to buyers. Clint Motley, co-founder at IMMERSIV commented 'customer experience and realism of details was at the forefront of our minds when developing the IMMERSIV platform, to do this we've worked tirelessly with some of Australia's largest developers and real estate portals".

IMMERSIV stands alone in the market as the premier supplier of truly immersive exterior and interior buyer experiences. The real-time solutions are produced in the gaming program Unreal Engine and are photo-realistic to allow buyers to see and interact with a space as if they had just stepped foot inside. Buyers have the power to see as much detail as possible and make crucial purchasing decisions based off being able to fluidly move around within the space. Grasp accurate geospatial data from precisely mapped surrounds, which allows buyers to visualise the space. Scenes are rendered instantaneously and are able to be streamed to anywhere in the world - opening up a global audience for any new project.

Real-Time 3D Architectural Digital Twin Advantages

The historical and standardised 3D virtual tours for unbuilt property consist of a series of 360° panorama rendered images stitched into a viewing platform. This allows the buyer to transport from one render to another within a development. IMMERSIV real-time 3D digital twin solutions are holistic and offer a real-time experience where the buyer truly feels inside the space, rather than being transported through a series of images. IMMERSIV’s proprietary dashboard creates an experience where the buyer can envisage their new home as if it was already built. Providing sensory experiences to evoke emotion through realistic details. IMMERSIV solutions remove any guesswork that inhibit a buyer from making an informed decision.

3D architectural digital twin

IMMERSIV has achieved success within apartments, house and land developments and retail villages within 3 months of launch. 2023 is set to be a transformative year for the company as it scales up and penetrates new markets both locally and internationally.


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