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Leading-edge visualisation tech paves way for amalgamation.

Founded in 2015, Visual Art Studios has entered 2023 under the IMMERSIV Pty Ltd brand. The IMMERSIV brand was launched in 2022 and achieved immediate sales success within apartments, house/land and retail markets for off-the-plan developments.

IMMERSIV’s mission is to propel the user experience through the use of real-time 3D digital twins, and elevate the ability to retain information through state of the art dynamic 3D visuals. Born through a combination of 3D artistry, software engineering and breakthrough cloud-computing technology, IMMERSIV sets a new benchmark in how projects are visualised. The technology is deployed via sales showrooms and is accessible on any device, opening up project marketing efforts to an interstate and global audience.

IMMERSIV technology enhances the way sales teams and developers bring their projects to market by providing real-time digital twins of unbuilt, off-the-plan stock. The biggest constraint to purchasing off-the-plan is the ability to visualise how the end product will look upon completion. Through IMMERSIV, sales teams are able to effectively communicate new developments from digitally produced external and internal perspectives, all in realistic detail. The vision of the development team becomes easy to understand for buyers and the immersive nature of the technology fosters emotional connections to assist the purchasing decision. The Polities Property Group and QNY recently launched their La Mer project in Main Beach utilising the IMMERSIV platform. The sales teams were able to take the project to market from 4 key touch-points.

Real-time 3D digital twin

· 3D rendered images

· 3D Animation



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